"I have just absolutely appreciated the support from the FACP and from you personally.  It really puts a person's mind at ease, knowing there is someone to call with questions and for mentorship.  I hope that our Chamber continues to be very involved with FACP."  

Citrus County Chamber of Commerce

"The value of my personal involvement in FACP has been priceless.  You can’t put a price on the opportunity to collaborate with and learn from other Chamber professionals from all over the State."


Noel Martinez
Former Director of Membership Development
Northern Palm Beach County Chamber of Commerce 


"What I have always appreciated about being involved in FACP is the opportunity to meet live and in person (or even virtually) our peers in the Chamber profession all across Florida. I can't tell you how many times over the years I have received great advice, learned best Chamber practices, or even just had someone to commiserate with when working on some vexing problem. It's the best bang for your buck in my book and a great way to make life long industry friendships."

Ray San Fratello,
(Retired) President
South Lake Chamber of Commerce

"Back in 2001, as I entered the Chamber profession, one investment made by my predecessor that continues to remain high on my priority list is  West Orange Chamber’s membership in the Florida Association of Chamber Professionals.  There is no better professional development organization than FACP and I credit much of the success of the West Orange Chamber to the learning opportunities provided by FACP. 


One of the best learning opportunities is Certification by FACP.  In 2007, the West Orange Chamber earned its first FACP certification.  The process itself, to gain certification, was a learning and growth experience for our entire team.  It taught us what policies, documents, procedures we should have to proudly use “Chamber of Commerce” in our name.  If we weren’t certain of or didn’t have certain items required for the certification packet, reaching out to other FACP members, helped us in filling our gaps.  There was no question of its value and whether or not we would seek re-certification, with even higher standards in 2013, which we once again proudly earned. 

We use our FACP certification in our marketing literature so that our members know that they are members of a Chamber that takes its business seriously and strives to be the best! "

Stina D'Uva,
President & CEO
West Orange Chamber of Commerce


Comments from the Annual Conference...


"I took back more ideas than any other conference I've attended in the past 2 years."

"Great conference! Loved so much looking forward to the Spring conference."

"Well planned, well executed and most importantly valuable."

"I have not attended an FACP conference in a long time -- great job!"




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