History of Award Winners

2017 Chamber of the Year 
Kissimmee/Osceola Chamber (Medium)
Upper Tampa Bay Chamber (Small)

Past Recipients

Hispanic Chamber of Metro Orlando (Large)
Bay County Chamber (Medium)
Bradenton Chamber 2015 (Large)
West Orange Chamber 2015 (Medium
Bonita Springs Chamber 2014 (Medium)
Tampa Chamber 2013 (Large)
Tampa Bay Beaches Chamber 2012 (Small)
West Orange Chamber 2012 (Medium)
Florida Chamber of Commerce 2011
Bay County Chamber of Commerce 2010
Charlotte County Chamber of Commerce 2010
Greater Brandon Chamber of Commerce 2009
West Orange Chamber of Commerce 2009
Winter Park Chamber 2008
Anna Maria Island Chamber 2007
Amelia Island-Fernandina Beach Yulee 2007
Manatee Chamber 2007
Lakeland Area Chamber 2006
Hispanic Chamber Metro Orlando 2006
Greater Lake Worth Chamber 2006
Charlotte County Chamber 2005
St. Petersburg Area Chamber 2005
Bay County Chamber 2004
Manatee Chamber 2004
Greater Panama City Beaches 2003
Greater Sarasota Chamber 2002
Kissimmee-Osceola County Chamber 2001
Manatee Chamber 2000
Bonita Springs Chamber 2000
Jacksonville Regional Chamber 1999
Indian River County Chamber 1999
Greater Sebring Chamber 1999
Greater Oldsmar Chamber 1999
Clearwater Chamber 1998
Greater Panama City Beaches Chamber 1998
Lake Wales Area Chamber 1998
Coral Gables Chamber 1997
Greater Hollywood Chamber 1997
Longboat Key Chamber 1997



 Executive of the Year
Bob Rohrlack, IOM, CCE, FCCP

Past Recipients  

Diana Bolivar, 2015
Christine Ross, MBA, MS, IOM, CCE 2014
Ray San Fratello 2013
Robin Sollie 2012
Stella Tokar 2011
Penny Chandler 2010
Carol Roberts 2009
Kellie Jo Kilberg 2008
Tammy Bracewell 2007
Steve Queior 2006
Wes Larson 2005
Nancy Keefer 2004
Debi Knight 2003
Mike Horner 2002

Gail Loefgren 2001
Kathleen Munson 2000
Walter M. Lee 1999
Joseph A. Catrambone 1998
David L. May, CCE, CAE 1997
M.J. Mike Arts 1996
Robert P. Bartz 1995
Les Haskew 1994
Richard G. Clark, CCE 1993
Frank M. Ryll, Jr. 1992

 Professional of the Year
Cyndi Schwab and Cindy Lewis (multiple winners)

Past Recipients  

Tamara Fleischhaker, IOM 2017
Krista Carter, IOM 2016
Jacki Dezelski, IOM 2015


Current Chair
Debbie Cotton, IOM

 Past Chairs  

2016-2017 Nancy Keefer, CCE, IOM, FCCP
2015-2016 Stina D'Uva, IOM
2014-2015 Bob Rohrlack, CCE,FCCP
2012-2014 Robin Sollie, IOM
2012-2013 Sonia Douglas (partial year)
2011-2012 Jaye Baillie, APR, IOM
2010-2011 Shane Moody, CCE
2009-2010 Troy McLellan
2008-2009 Kellie Jo Kilberg
2007-2008 Wally Lee
2006-2007 Steve Queior
2005-2006 Mike Horner
2004-2005 Don Dalton
2003-2004 Penny Chandler
2002-2003 Russ Sloan
2001-2002 James A. Cherry, CCE
2000-2001 Jacob V. Stuart
1999-2000 Gail Loefgren
1998-1999 Joseph A. Catrambone
1997-1998 Kathleen Munson
1996-1997 M.J. Mike Arts
1995-1996 Frank M. Ryll, Jr.
1994-1995 Pete Woodham
1993-1994 Les Haskew
1992-1993 Sheila Cannon
1991-1992 Wes Larson
1990-1991 Bob Bartz
1989-1990 Allon Fish
1988-1989 Jim Breitenfeld
1987-1988 Ray Navigtsky
1986-1987 Doc Strawbridge 
1985-1986 Duffy Thompson
1984-1985 Roger Peters
1983-1984 Jack Horner
1982-1983 Bud Stewart
1981-1982 Mayme Burdin
1980-1981 Frank Bacen
1979-1980 Chuck Emerson
1978-1979 Jim Bullion
1977-1978 Barry Epstein
1976-1977 Gary Powell
1975-1976 Louis Polatty
1974-1975 Jim Mooney
1973-1974 Ralph Mullen
1972-1973 Jeanette Maracic
1971-1972 Dick Armstrong
1970-1971 Tom Brownlee
1969-1970 Doc Baker 
1968-1969 Billy Mitchell
1967-1968 Phil Gabler
1966-1967 Al Davis
1965-1966 Woody Todd
1964-1965 Al Moreland
1963-1964 H.B. Chitty
1962-1963 Frank Deller


Life-Time Members

Allon Fish
M.J. Mike Arts
Jim Breitenfeld
Mayme Durden Clark
Don Dalton
Wes Larson
George Mirabal
Ray Navitsky
Roger Peters
P.J. Petrucelli
Russ Sloan
William Wood 

Honorary Members
Bill Mitchell

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